Friday, June 25, 2010


Hollywood has its own hotness scale and I don't share its opinion on what male should get top dollar. For women the scale is super skinny, full lips, huge fake boobs and hair extensions. For men it seems HOLLY is going for a smaller type male mainly because women are getting smaller and younger so the leading role for a male has to go to the smallest guy out there. It's sickening to say the least. We women need real men who can kick the crap out of other men and big fake computerized monsters, not skinny girlie men with no....well you get the point. Here are the men who get the big time movie roles but who I think ARE NOT HOT!! In no particular order...

#1 Tom Cruise: Yep I said it. Tom is not HOT. Tom is not just a weird couch jumper who whores around after taller women than him, but his charisma is down, down, down. He got a little too Risky about his Business and maybe one mistress and one wife left would have kept us wooing, but 3 or 4? Not so much. You Tom, are not hot.

#2 Jude Law: I get so tired of looking at Jude. Hey Jude, take a sad song and make it better...but you don't. You just make it worse. You are way too skinny, I need some man meat okay. No guy I find attractive is gonna go flying off with any kite we decide to fly together. No offense, but like Tom you are way too girlie for my liking and your accent makes you sound even girlier....not to mention your getting it on with your nanny. Ew.

#3 Brad Pitt: Brad has this annoying hairy caveman thing going on. I hate kissing men with beards. Don't get me wrong, men with goatee's are friggin HOT, but Grizzly Adams is way too Brillo-pad stinky for any female turn on. Plus, Brad just isn't hot anymore. He seems so into his Bragelina romps for any other woman to escape into Bradland and quite frankly ever since "A River Runs Through It" Brad has sucked it up with the movies. Brad is excused from the Hot roster mainly for his hairy bad movie and gross life partner act....

#4 Mel Gibson: I used to Love you like Juliet loved Romeo Mel, but you blew it. You and your capitalizing on the suffering of the Savior was too much for me and that goes without your drunk driving and your currently gallivanting around with your mistress after leaving your wife and 7 children. DIS GUST ING. You Mel, are no longer HOT....oh yea, and you are an anti-Semite. YO!
Oh and lay off the booze, it's giving you puffy bags under your eyes....uggly.

#5 George Clooney: George you are way too opinionated and you hurt the ears of us who know more than you. You are a primadonna movie star that thinks you and you alone can save Haiti. You are not attractive because you can't commit to one woman. Most men will think that is a bonus and want to be you, but to women....that sucks. Kudos for not marrying and cheating, but at some point your pecker has got to find a home. Sorry folks, a little rated R. George is not HOT!

#6 Johnny Depp: I know I may get killed for this one but I don't care. Johnny as a pirate, Willy Wonka or some weirdo in Alice in Weirdoland, Johnny is not HOT. Johnny has some disclaimer in his blood that says you can't rip on him because he can "act". Not me, don't care. He may be able to act like a pirate but he is not attractive. He is greasy and probably does more drugs than CVS. He likes France more than the USA and that kills the deal. Johnny looks like a strung out crackhead....PERIOD.

Just keeping it real.

Marilyn Monroe

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singlemormonchick said...

i concur.
i never got why anyone thought any of those guys were so hot.
hugh jackman. now there is a man!

Meraj said...

ur so full of yourself. but i like opinionated people so i like you.relax with the beards btw. and yes im a guy \m/

Anonymous said...

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